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Engelberg, Switzerland

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Skiing Holidays in Engelberg


Ski Holidays Engelberg

As is the case with most Swiss ski resorts, Engelberg oozes natural beauty and quintessential Swiss charm. Tourists have been visiting Engelberg for hundreds of years, even before skiing become popular. The town was originally founded by a wondering monk who had a vision whilst wondering through the valley and instantly knew that he should build a monitory there. Engelberg has gradually increase in size ever since. One of its best features is that fact that Engelberg can be reach so easily from the major Swiss airports. It is roughly an hour and a half from Zurich and Basel and you can easily get the train to there right from Zurich airport, thus making it an ideal destination for short break ski trips. There is also plenty to do in Engelberg outside of skiing as they have a swimming pool in resort as well as sport centre with tennis and badminton, among other sports. On top of this there are almost 40km of walking trails which makes Engelbarg a great destination for you ski holiday if you have any non skiers in your party.

Ski Holidays in Engelberg

There are roughly 80km of piste on offer in Engelberg. Whilst it might not be the biggest ski area in the world, Engelberg has become popular in recent years as all of the skiing is of such good quality and the scenery is breathtaking. The fact that Engelberg offers glacier skiing up to over 3000m is another huge selling point as you are guaranteed to be able to ski so no matter how good or bad the snow my have been for the season. The skiing that is on offer is suitable for all abilities from beginner to advanced, but if you are the sort of skier who like quantity or than quality then be aware that a ski trip to Engelberg my not suffice. You can ski on both sides of the village with the ski area on the right hand side of the piste map known as Titlis and the ski area on the left hand side of the piste map know as Brunni. There is more skiing on the Titlis side, and this is the side with the glacier skiing, so it can get busier. Many people who visit Engelbarg on a short break will not even test the waters on the Brunni side but we highly recommend it as there are some lovely runs to be found.

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Skiing in Engelberg

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Skiing In Engelberg

Beginner Skiing In Engelberg

The best area for beginner skiers in Engelberg is the Gerschniakp area which is just above the resort on the Titlis side of the valley. There are plenty of easy blue runs to hone your skis on and you don;t have to go to high on a huge gondola to get to the slopes. All in all this makes are a or a great area to learn to ski.

Intermediate Skiing In Engelberg

Intermediate skiers are the people that will get the most from a the skiing in Engelberg. 82Km of piste is enough to keep your busy during the course of your holiday and there is a great mix of easy and challenging runs, so both lower level and upper level intermediates will be happy. The majority of the skiing in Engelberg is on the Titlis side of the valley but it is well worth venturing over to the Brunni side as well where there is a lovely long blue piste that takes you back to into the resort at the end of the day.

Advanced Skiing In Engelberg

Advanced skiers will no doubt head straight to the Titlis ski area and right to the top of the glacier. From here you have amazing views over the area and you can ski a thigh burning 2000m drop from the highest skiable point all the way down to the village. It total it is a 12km ski! There are also some great off piste skiing opportunities in Engelberg. Hire a guide to make the most of them.

Snowboarding In Engelberg

Snowboarders and skiers alike will live the views over the are from the top of Titlis, they are simply stunning. The good variety of piste on offer are good for all levels of ability from beginner snowboarders through to advanced. Snowboarders (and also freestyle skiers) will also appreciate the Jochpass Terrain Park which has rails, kickers and a quater-pipe.

Apres Ski in Engelberg

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