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Ski Apartments

Ski Apartment Holidays

The freedom of not being tied into set meal times is one of the best aspects of booking an apartment for your ski holiday. Whether you plan on catering for yourself or whether you would prefer to eat out most nights, a self catered ski apartment might be just what you are looking for. They offer great value if you can find the right apartment to fit the size of your party, especially if you are happy to make use of sofa beds and bunk beds for added value.

Where will you find the most self catered ski apartments? 

The big French ski resorts are the easiest ones in which to find self catered accommodation. You will find self catered ski apartments in 95% of all the resorts in France but they can sometimes be harder to find outside of France. The ski resorts in Andorra are probably the second best place to look. You can normally find self catered apartments in the resorts in Andorra and the fact that it is tax free really hepls to keep the budget under control. However, if you are looking for a really bargain then checkout Bulgaria. You will find self catered apartments in the Bulgarian resorts and the cost of the holiday, combined with the cost of the ski extras will nearly always be all lot cheaper then anywhere else! 

Ski Holiday Finder Service

It is a lot harder to find self catered ski apartments in Austria, Italy and Switzerland but they are out there so use our above search faclity to have a look and see what you can find. Alternatively why not make use of our 'Ski Holiday Finder Service'. Just give us a call (0203 77 80 123) or send us an email letting us know what you are after and then sit back and relax whilst we put together a tailored short list of holidays for you. What could be easier than that!

Facilities and Beds

Cooking Facilities in Self Catered Apartments

The facilities that you will get from one apartment to the next can often wary quite a lot so it is important to check that the facilities that are on offer in your chosen ski apartrment will match your requirements. In some apartments you will simply get a kitchenette which may have simple facilities such as a fidge, microwave and two hobs, whilst in others you might get a full kitchen.

Studios, Apartments, Bedrooms and Cabines

Some of the that is terminology that is used to decribe self catered ski apartments can sometimes rather confusing. Bunk beds and sofa beds are pretty straight forward but the difference between a studio and an apartment, and the definition of a cabine can sometimes lead to people not knowing what is best for them.

Studios vs Apartments

The big difference bewteen a studio and an apartment is that a studio is totally open plan with the sleeping, living and cooking space. If you book a studio apartment for four people then you will all be sleeping the same room so make sure that you are comfortable with that. However, an apartments will have a seperate bedroom. There may still be sofa beds in the living room or bunk beds in the hall way but there will at least be a seperation of sleeping area.

Bedrooms vs Cabines

When you see an apartments that says it has at least one bedroom then it means that it will be a big enough sized bedroom to fit whateever bed combination is stated (eg a doouble bed or twin single beds). However, a cabine is slightly different. It will normally include bunk beds andnit can sometimes be a very small seperate room or sometimes it will just be an alcove or seperaterd off sleeping area.

Ski in Ski Out

Ski In Ski Out Apartments

Everyone always wants ski in ski out accommodation, and for good reason. The ideal location for any apartments that you book for your ski holiday to to have it right next to the piste. Here at iSki we have plenty of apartments on our books that fit the criteria for ski in ski out and we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to find then. We have catalogued the distance from teh piste for nearly all of the ski apartments that we have and we clearly list it on the page for nearky every individual property. You will also see the distance from piste listed next to most properties whenever you do a search so it should be easy to find an apartment with the perfect loaction.

Value For Money vs Location

As is often the case the best located properties demand the highest prices so if you are happy with a one to two minute walk to teh piste than it be equally as easy for you to find a property with the right price which still have an acceptable location. If you don;t have the time to search or you can;t find what you are looking for then just drop us a quick call oln 0203 77 80 123 and we will always be happy to help!