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Why is Tignes so Popular for Skiing Holidays?

Posted by: Brandon Fryer 2 years, 1 month ago

Most ski resorts are pretty good. They have gondolas, plenty of places to eat, and pistes for people of all abilities. But some destinations are a cut above the rest.

Tignes ski resort is one such location. It offers a rarity that you don't find in most resorts. Here, skiers of all abilities get an unrivalled experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

It Offers A Huge Number Of Pistes

The vast majority of ski resorts offer a selection of pistes, ranging from entry-level up to black and beyond. But, even so, you typically run out of slopes to explore after a couple of days. Soon, you know every run by heart.

That's not, however, a risk that you face in Tignes. The destination shares a ski area with neighbouring Val d'Isere, which incorporates more than 300 km of fresh, beautiful pistes.

Furthermore, these slopes are of incredible quality. One of the resort's runs, for instance, was repurposed to form the 1992 Olympic downhill route, nicknamed the "Face." It is enough to get even the most advanced skiers coming back for more.

Don't let the physical proximity to its more famous sibling fool you though - Tignes is utterly different in character. Unlike Val d'Isere, it is a purpose-built resort built on a mountain plateau - a far cry from its counterpart.

It Provides Easy Access The Slopes

Tigres is actually five villages that pepper the valley and provide access to dozens of Europe's finest ski slopes. Collectively, these settlements serve as hubs for more than 78 lifts that snake their way across the mountains, taking skiers to the top of every piste on the mountainside. In Tignes, you're free to schedule your runs how you like, swapping between hardcore black routes and more relaxing blue runs as your mood dictates.

You Can Go Off-Piste With The Help Of A Guide

If you're the type of skier who has a penchant for going off-piste, then you'll love your Tignes skiing holiday. The resort caters for advanced skiers who want to travel off the beaten track, providing a host of experienced guides. These trained professionals let you check out routes that most people never see, all while keeping you safe.

It Offers Facilities For Learner Skiers Too

Tignes, however, isn't just a destination for the advanced skier. It also provides ample facilities for those new to the sport.

The Espace Killy, for instance, is a massive playground where you can learn all of the skills that you'll need to get out onto the real pistes. There's a mixture of gentle cruising runs as well as intermediate slopes for those looking to progress their skills faster.

There's Plenty Of Fun To Be Had Besides Skiing

While you'll spend the majority of your time in Tignes skiing, there are opportunities to indulge in a variety of other exciting activities too. These include things like ice diving on the nearby lake, heli-skiing, and ice driving experiences. Practically everything you do in this place gets your adrenaline pumping.