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Dolomiti Super Ski, Italy

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Skiing Holidays in Dolomiti Super Ski

Dolomiti Super Ski

Ski holidays in the Dolimiti Superski

The Dolomiti Superski is the biggest ski area in the world! Covered on the lift passes there is an unbelievable 1220km of piste and the full area lift passes covers all of the resorts in the Dolomites. You could combine the whole of the 3 valleys and the Espace Killy together and you could still not even come close to the size of the Dolomiti Superski. No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced skier, there is something for everyone in the Dolomites.

The Sella Ronda Ski Circuit

Not all of the resorts are linked in the Dolomiti Superski but the jewel in the crown is the Sella Ronda, a circuit of interconnecting ski resorts surrounding the central Sella Massif. Selva, Arabba and Corvara are three of the most popular resorts. In total there is estimated to be 800km of interconnected pistes. The anti clockwise and the clockwise circuits around the Sella Ronda each offer a great days skiing hit the real beauty of the area is exploring all the little nooks and crannies on offer in all of the resorts. Other notable resorts for ski holidays in the Dolomiti Superski are the chic and stylish Cortina, and the hidden gem of Kronplatz.

The Beautiful Dolomiti Superski Ski Region

If you have never skied in the Dolomites then it is definitely something to put on your bucket list. The scenery is stunning as you would expect from a UNESCO world heritage site. The rock formation are not like any others that you will find in Europe. If you are of the thought that once you have seem one mountain then you have seen them all then you simply have to visit the Dolomites and you will change your mind. At sun set the light makes the rocks on the mountain peaks glow a rosy pink colours and it really is a sight for saw eyes.

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With so many resorts covered on the full area lift pass and with so much choice on offer it can be a bit of a mine field when looking for a ski holiday in the Dolomiti Superski. If you are feeling a bit lost or simply do not know where to start then just give us a call and tell us what you want, then sit back and let us do the hard work for you. We will get back to you with the best available holiday options on the market!

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Other Resorts in Italy

Skiing in Dolomiti Super Ski

Skiing Info

Skiing in the Dolomiti Superski

Beginner skiing in the Dolomiti Superski

No matter where you stay in the in the Dolomiti Superski you will find suitable skiing for beginners. In the are as a whole there is over 350km of beginner pistes. However, some resorts are better than others. For example, the local slopes around Arabba are thought of as being a tougher than those in Selva. As a beginner it is also helpful to have a choice of lift passes. You would need the full area pass so it is worth saving a few pounds buy just getting the local area pass for whichever resorts you are staying in.

Intermediate skiing in the Dolomiti Superski

All of the resorts in the Dolomiti Superski are suitable for intermediate skiers. Whether you want the vast linked ski area of the Sella Ronda are whether you are happier in one of the smaller resorts in the area such as Cortina or Kronplatz, you will find loads of skiing to suit your needs. There is a good spread of blue and red runs in all of the resorts and in total these come to a combined 1098km of piste.

Advanced skiing in the Dolomiti Superski

If you are an advanced skiers then you will love the Dolomites, especially the Sella Ronda. There is just so much skiing on offer in the Dolomiti Superski that you feel as though you could spend a lifetime skiing the area and still find new routes every time you hit the slopes. The beauty of the area is that there is so much variety. If you are staying in a resorts that links onto the Sella Ronda then you have a huge amount of skiing at your feet but with a little bit of extra effort you have so much more as well. For example a ski away day in Cortina, just a 30 minute drive will open up a whole new resort with its own characteristics and unique pistes. Besides the amount of pisted skiing that is cover on the lift pass there is also an abundance of off piste action to be had and a huge choice of snow parks for any freestyle skiers out there.

Snowboarding holidays on the Dolomiti Superski

Snowboarders will adore the terrain in the Dolomiti Superski. Loads of on piste action for shredding up the slopes, loads of off piste action for any powder hounds out there, and load of choice of snowparks for anyone looking for some freestyle action. In total there are 20 snowparks dotted around all of the resort that make up the Dolomiti Superski and with the full area lift pass they are all at your disposal. You might have to take a bus or two to get to every single one of them, but of you are staying in one of the Sella Ronda resorts then you can access a good chunk of the 20 snowparks that are on offer, all without taking off your board!


Apres Ski in Dolomiti Super Ski

Apres Ski Info

Dolomiti Superski après ski

There are so many resort in the Dolomiti Superski that it is impossible to give an accurate over all guide as to what the apres ski is like. However, as a general rule the apres ski is low key but most resorts have at least a few bars for couple of drinks after a long day on the slopes.

Nightlife In The Dolomites

Another general rule is that the resorts in the Dolomites tend not to get busy until after dinner. You will find a few people who finish skiing and go straight to the bars but meal times are important in Italy and most people will go home to eat before getting themselves ready for a night out later on in the evening.