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8 Tips For Saving Money on Your Next Ski Holiday

Posted by: Brandon Fryer 1 year, 10 months ago

Are you heading on a ski holiday but concerned about the cost? Taking to the slopes can become very expensive quickly, especially if you go without a plan and don’t keep track of your spending. But luckily for you, affordable ski holidays do exist.

The ski package holiday experts from iSki have years of experience when it comes to providing incredible ski holidays that fit your budget and requirements. We’ve listed our top tips for saving money to keep your costs to a minimum. By taking full advantage of these ideas, you can save money while ensuring you still have a fantastic time.


1. Consider the flight and airport you’re travelling to

To really ensure that you’re selecting a ski holiday that won’t cost an arm and a leg, you must first consider which destination you are going to. Some resorts are located a long distance from the airport, which means an expensive transfer cost to consider. To save money, we recommend opting for a ski resort with a short transfer time. For example, Kitzbühel in Austria is located just 1 hour and 13 minutes from Salzburg airport. 

The airport you travel to can also be a factor in saving money, including flight frequency. The more flights to an airport, the less expensive it should be. For example, Geneva is a major international airport and is accessible to a variety of ski resorts in France and Switzerland.

2. Rent your equipment in advance

There is a lot of equipment and gear necessary for your ski holiday – without it, you will not be allowed to ski. The cheapest way to navigate this is to take your own ski gear, whether you have invested in some or are borrowing it from a friend. If you don’t already have the gear or are just going away for a few days, the most cost-effective option for you would be to rent your equipment in advance.


3. Cater for yourself as much as possible 

One way to make some major savings is by cooking dinner for yourself if you’re staying in a self-catering ski apartment or ski chalet. Depending on where you are, the cost of eating out at local restaurants can add up very quickly. When you arrive, head to one of the valley supermarkets to stock up on fresh produce. You’ll find there will be a lot more choice here than in the little convenience stores situated around the ski resort. If there’s room, you might want to bring some cooking essentials with you from home, such as salt, pepper, and olive oil.

You could also pack a picnic with a packed lunch for lunchtime. Every skier will need a rucksack to carry water and extra layers of clothing, so make room for a packed lunch that you can eat. The restaurants on the mountain will be much more expensive than those back in the town, so if you don’t want to carry food around with you, this is a cheaper alternative as well.


4. Select the right type of accommodation

As a rule: the higher you stay, the more you will pay. So, a ski hotel at the top of the mountain with the privilege of skiing right out of your door will cost you significantly more than accommodation that is closer to the nearest town. This comes with the slight disadvantage that you need to travel to the mountain, but most ski resorts have free and reliable public transfer services to the nearest lifts. Make sure you do your research prior to booking to discover which resorts accommodate this. If you don't mind sharing your space, then consider dormitory accommodation for even more savings.

Don’t leave this to when you get to the resort. Those that pay online beforehand will usually get a discounted price for sorting it early, and this can be a major saving.

5. Travel as a group

There are some major savings to be had when travelling with a group of people. In some cases, you can purchase your lift passes for a cheaper rate with a group-book option.


6. Take advantage of the Après Ski Happy Hours

If you love to party while on your ski holiday, be wise about where and when you do it. Most bars will have happy hours with promotional offers and drinks that are significantly discounted, so do your research beforehand and work out your other plans around this.


7. Book afternoon ski lessons

In most cases, ski lessons are cheaper in the afternoon than in the morning. It’s worth booking group lessons if you’re travelling with other people, as larger bookings can sometimes come with a discounted price.

8. Use a package holiday provider like iSki

By combining your flights, accommodation, lift pass and equipment hire, you can often make some major savings. You will also be handing over the time-consuming and sometimes stressful organisation process to someone else, so you can sit back and allow them to handle the entire process on your behalf. Our aim at iSki is to make it easy as possible for you to be able to find the perfect ski holiday, within your budget.


iSki has a fantastic selection of ski package holidays on offer. Call our experts today on 0203 8236113 to find the one best suited to you!