Skiing in Champoluc

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Skiing in Champoluc

Beginner skiing in Champoluc ****

The majority of the beginner skiing in Champoluc is to be found in the Crest area. You can get a gondola there from the centre of town and for absolute novice skiers the travellators that they have there are ideal. Having to get on and off chairlifts of button lifts can be a daunting prospect as a beginner skier so being able to use the travellators to get up and down the nursery slopes is just what you need.

Intermediate skiing in Champoluc ****

The skiing in Champoluc and the Monterosa ski area is an absolute paradise for intermediate skiers. 70% of the area is covered with blue and red runs and the 180km of piste feels huge given that it is spread out between 3 valleys, with a different resort located in each valley as well. It is a rarely that the slopes get that busy so you always have plenty of space to yourself. The upper slopes tend to be a bit more open and have spectacular views whilst there are some amazing tree lined runs to be found on the lower slopes. With the way that the skiing in spread out you can really plan you holiday in order to ski a different are each day. It is also well worth taking the bus down the valley to check out Antagnod. It is not linked up with the other resort in the area but is just a short bus ride away and offers a descent amount of skiing for a ski away day to break up your week and do something a bit different.

Advanced skiing in Champoluc ****

Advanced skiers on holiday in Champoluc will instantly fall in love with the off-piste that is on offer. Unlike busier areas in Europe, You can get fresh lines in and around Champoluc for days after it has snowed and there are so many off-piste route to find. As with all Italian resorts it is highly recommended to higher a guide to make sure that you stay safe and on the right side of the law. See below "off-piste skiing in Champoluc" for more information.

Snowboarding holidays in Champoluc ****

Champoluc is great for intermediate snowboarders who love tearing up lines on-piste and who are happy with a medium-sized park and boardercross to keep themselves entertained. However, advanced snowboarders thinking of holidaying in Champoluc will only be looking for one!

Off-piste skiing in Champuloc ****

One of the most outstanding features of Champuloc and the Monterosa ski area, is the amount of easily accessible off-piste there is. The best off-piste in the area is on either side of the ridge between Gressoney and Alagna. From the top of Indren you can drop off in a number of off piste directions. There is also a marked itinerary which has a vertical drop of 1000m down to the midstation of the Gressoney lifts. In the 3rd valley over from Champoluc (leading down to Alagna) there is a managed free ride area so if you are looking for some off piste action but are concerned about safety if you have never down much powder riding before, then this is a great area to head for.