Skiing in Avoriaz

Skiing Info

The skiing in Avoriaz is very varied and there is plenty to suit nearly all levels of skiers and snowboarders alike. There is skiing in Avoriaz on every side of the resort as the village is situated in an area of the Portes du Soleil which forms a bowl-like shape. This means that there are main north-facing slopes that hold the snow late into the season. However, there are also many slopes facing all other directions which is great for when you are chasing the sun on a blue sky day.

Beginner skiing In Avoriaz *****

The beginner skiing in Avoriaz is right in the heart of the village making it extremely easy to access. No ski buses and no long cable car ride before reaching the nursery slopes. Once you have got to grips with your ski legs you will easily be able to progress onto some of the more challenging yet still very gentle blue runs that surround the village. The local area lift pass will give you access to more than enough skiing as a beginner which is a good tip for saving a bit of money. If you can't purchase the local area pass as part of the package then simply purchase one from the lift pass office in the center of the village once you arrive.

Intermediate skiing In Avoriaz *****

There is an abundance of intermediate skiing in Avoriaz. The Lindarets bowl offers a large variety of runs with very easy access from the center of the resort. The Fornet bowl is also a great area for intermediate skiers to head to, with some cruising blue runs as well as some more challenging reds. There is enough intermediate skiing in Avoriaz alone to keep you entertained for a week if you don't mind doing a few runs a couple of times over, but most intermediates will want to get the full Porte du Soleil pass so that they can venture further afield.

Advanced skiing In Avoriaz *****

There is plenty of advanced skiing in Avoriaz and the surrounding area. With 650km of piste to ski, you will never be bored and there is plenty of on and off-piste challenges to be found. The most famous run in the area and one which is a must do for anyone seeking the advanced skiing Avoriaz has to offer, is the 'Swiss Wall'. It takes you from Avoriaz, in France, over the border into Switzerland and it is as steep and mogully as they get. Advanced skiers will also enjoy 'The Stash', a maze of obstacles and jumps set in between the trees in the Lindaret bowl.

Off-piste skiing In Avoriaz *****

There is some fantastic off-piste skiing in Avoriaz as well as some marked and patrolled, yet unlisted areas. The Crozats run, for example, gives you an area of almost 3km which on a powder day will be completely untouched (if you can get there first). There is also ample opportunity for off-piste skiing in Avoriaz if you head over to the Fornet bowl as well as some great tree skiing on your way down to the bottom of the Prodans lift, as well as in the trees on the way down to the Super Morzines lift.

Snowboarding In Avoriaz *****

Snowboarding holidays in Avoriaz are hard to beat. Avoriaz has everything that you could want as a snowboarder.

  • Great snowparks

  • Well maintained halfpipe

  • Great off-piste

  • Plenty of runs that lend themselves to jibbing

  • Very few areas of flat piste.

What makes a snowboarding holiday in Avoriaz stand out from the rest is a combination of the above but also 'The Stash'. A jib park hidden with the trees with multiple obstacles to test your skills. Everything is made from natural materials plus was designed and engineered by Burton and it is there all year round so as soon as the snow falls it can be riden. There are no early season snowboard holidays in Avoriaz where you arrive to find that the park has not been built so you have nothing to play on. Even if the Main Avoriaz snowpark is not finished you will also way have 'The Stash' to keep you busy.